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Earning a PMO-CC® credential is more than an achievement; it's a privilege

There are many credentials out there, but only PMO-CC® is a genuine alliance with the world's leading PMO community to boost and transform your consulting career.

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We are not looking for a 
GREAT group of consultants,
but a group of GREAT consultants


We are not in the training or certification business.  PMOGA's purpose is to transform our members' lives and truly impact the PMO global community.
That's why our credential is available to a limited number of professionals in each country to ensure its value and the exclusivity of its benefits.
If your region is already fully serviced, you have to wait at least six months before one of our current credential holders may decide to leave this exclusive group.


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10 Reasons that make PMO-CC® Certification unique in the World

There are many credentials out there, but only PMO-CC® is a genuine alliance with the world's leading PMO community to transform your consulting career.

Why can't one certification fit all?


We say and hear all the time that one size doesn't fit all.
So why should professionals certifications be any different?
Everyone has a different career path, and the new-generation credentials must consider these different journeys to deliver effective benefits.
Do you want to transform your career? So forget those who think you are like everyone else.


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The Value of a
PMO-CC® Credential


The PMOGA certification program for high-performance consultants provides much more than a traditional credential like so many we see out there. You will take advanced, innovative, and practical knowledge on PMOs that will set you ahead of your competitors. You will learn from the experience of successful consultants about critical aspects for your career, your business, and the skills needed to be successful in consulting. And once you get your PMO-CC® credential, you will be able to access valuable and exclusive resources to make your business and consulting career take off.


Get PMO-CC certified is more than an achievement. It's a privilege for a few.


Advanced knowledge must be grounded in reliable research and, above all, focused on practical application to design solutions for customers' real-world needs.

Competence Development

A successful consultant is made up of skills that go beyond the technical aspects. We understand this challenge and have created a certification focused on what matters.

Business Opportunities

The ultimate goal of every consultant is to generate more work and business opportunities. We fully understand this demand and are committed to making it happen.

Global Visibility

There is no PMO community in the world with the breadth, reach, and influence of PMOGA. If you want to build a reputation and thrive as a consultant, we will help you get there.

The Roadmap to Earn and Maintain Your PMO-CC® Credential

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Find out the prerequisites to earn the credential and learn about the steps to apply for certification.
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Learn about all the details of the preparation process and discover all the content we make available to you.
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Explore the examination process and which competencies will be assessed in the online exam.
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Find out how to renew your credential at the end of the three-year cycle and the discount benefits available.
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Not PMO-CP® certified yet? 


We're sorry but the PMO-CP® (PMO Certified Practitioner) certification is a prerequisite for being eligible for the PMO-CC® certification.

We hope you'll come back soon!


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Do you Believe in Standards for PMOs?

So the PMO-CC® certification IS NOT for you. 

If you are looking for guides or standards for PMOs, the PMO-CC® certification is definitely not for you.
The PMO Global Alliance is made up of over 12,000 PMO practitioners, Leaders, and Experts, who are members of our global community and accumulate experience in the trenches of the PMO daily battle.
Because of that, PMOGA doesn't defend a specific model, standard, or point of view but focuses on creating conditions to make our certified consultants and leaders design solutions that work and generate results in real life.
Experience shows that following standards that do not consider the different organizations' needs is the shortest path to failure.
PMO-CC® credential holders believe that the success of PMOs relies more on their differences and specificities than on what they have in common.
A true PMO-CC® consultant knows how to design unique solutions, adapted to each situation, and does not believe in magic pills or standards that seem attractive paths at a first glance but cannot deal with the actual complexity of PMOs.

The PMO-CC® Certification Framework

Discover the framework developed from extensive research that mapped real pains, needs, and demands of our global community members.

The PMO-CC® CERTIFICATION FRAMEWORK is the central reference point for the development and assessment of competencies necessary for a consultant to be accredited by the PMO Global Alliance.

The elements of this framework cover the most critical aspects to make a PMO Consultant successful.

The three central elements, grounded on values and ethical behavior, address the essential competencies for any consultant, giving a necessary weight to competencies that are often underestimated when we believe that the most critical factor for a successful consultant is technical.

The peripheral elements represent perspectives through which competencies will be developed, allowing the practical application of all the knowledge learned.


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Want to know more about the PMO-CC® Prep Course content?

Explore all the knowledge that will be shared with you during the certification process.


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What is the
PMO-CC® Membership

The PMO-CC® Membership is a genuine alliance with PMOGA, the largest community of PMOs in the world, to generate value for your career and your consulting business.

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with PMOGA Micro-Credentials

The new PMOGA  micro-credentials allow you to demonstrate and be recognized and found for your outstanding expertise in the most critical PMO functions, through a rigorous and reliable evaluation process that involves the most experienced members of our global PMO community. 

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Check the PMO-CC® Certification Fees

To obtain the PMO-CC® credential, you will first pay an Application Fee of only USD 100 and, once your application is approved, you will be required to pay the Registration Fee, which may vary depending on the examination process you choose and the PMOGA membership type you currently hold.

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