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PMO-CP© Prep Certification Course Outline


7 Hours of Video Classes

The PMO VALUE RING Essentials

Step 1 - Collecting Stakeholders' Expectations

Step 2 - Defining and Balancing the PMO Mix of Functions

Step 3 - Establishing the PMO Processes

Step 4 - Defining PMO Key Indicator and Measuring Performance

Step 5 - Defining the PMO Headcount and Competencies

Step 6 - Assessing the PMO Maturity and Planning Its Evolution 

Step 7 - Calculating the PMO ROI (Return On Investment

Step 8 - Establishing the PMO Balanced Scorecard 

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Frequent Asked Questions

Meet The Coordinator



Americo Pinto and his team will guide you on your journey towards PMO-CP© certification. He was the leader of the 6-year project that developed the PMO VALUE RING© methodology, with a team of 120+ seasoned PMO leaders from around the world.
For more than a decade, Americo Pinto has been spreading the PMOVR concepts worldwide and dedicating his efforts to the evolution of the PMO Global community.
Americo Pinto has founded PMO Global Alliance in 2017 and currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors. He has accumulated deep experience in PMOs and Project Management for more than 20 years, working as an International Consultant, PMO and PM Practitioner, Executive, Researcher, Professor, and Speaker.
Definitely, obtaining your certification with the support of one of the world's greatest authorities in the PMO topic is a great chance to open your mind to a new PMO mindset and advance your career.

PMO-CP© Credential Holders in 80+ Countries

Grounded on the Most Practical and Widely Adopted PMO Methodology in the World


🔸 The PMO VALUE RING© methodology has been developed by a global group of more than 100 seasoned PMO Leaders and currently has 10,000+ users in 80+ countries.
🔸 Based on real-world experiences, the PMOVR methodology provides a structured step-by-step to set up, manage, evaluate and redesign PMOs.
🔸The optional PMOVR web tool automates the methodology and provides access to a powerful database with the collective intelligence and experience of the global PMO community.


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Testimonials Around the World

Tariq Al Share

Hector Vega

Mr. Babissakana

Paulo Camargo

Claudio Boros

Akbar Awzir

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Certification in English

600 USD

100% Available in English:

  • 7 hours of Video Classes
  • PMO-CP© online proctored exam first attempt included
  • 90 days to schedule and take the online proctored exam first attempt
  • Support Material
  • Candidates' Community
  • PMO-CP© Community
  • Technical Support
  • Second exam attempt: 150 USD additional fees



Certificación en Español

600 USD

100% Disponible en Español:

  • 7 horas de Video Subtitulados
  • Primer intento del examen supervisado en línea PMO-CP© incluido
  • 90 días para programar y realizar el primer intento del examen supervisado en línea
  • Material de Apoyo
  • Comunidad de   Candidatos
  • Comunidad PMO-CP© 
  • Soporte técnico
  •  Segundo intento de examen: tarifas adicionales de 150 USD

Certificação em Português

600 USD

100% Disponível em Português:

  • 7 horas de Vídeo Aulas
  • Primeira tentativa do exame online supervisionado PMO-CP© incluído
  • 90 dias para agendar e realizar a primeira tentativa do exame online supervisionado
  • Material de Apoio
  • Comunidade de Candidatos
  • Comunidade de PMO-CPs
  • Suporte Técnico
  • Segunda tentativa do exame: taxa adicional de 150 USD

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