Highlighting Our Unconference Participants

Meet Our Featured Participants

Welcome to the featured participants' spotlight of our unconference. This diverse and vibrant group makes our unconference truly special and successful, and collectively represent a broad spectrum of the PMO world.

Keep an eye on this page as we will gradually reveals some of our Featured Participants who will be enlightening PMOUNCON. Each reveal will not only build anticipation but also kickstart meaningful conversations leading up to the unconference.

Introducing Our Global Participating Organizations

We're thrilled to put the spotlight on the esteemed organizations that will be represented at PMOUNCON. Hailing from all continents, these organizations bring a truly global perspective to our unconference. Each contributes a unique lens on the PMO landscape, adding a rich tapestry of expertise, vision, and innovative approaches to our event.

Keep an eye on this page as we'll be gradually unveiling the international organizations that will be sharing their insights at PMOUNCON. Stay tuned and join us in acknowledging and celebrating the remarkable, geographically diverse organizations that will make PMOUNCON an unparalleled, worldwide experience.